RPVC (PIPE) - Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe

At N. A. Roto Machines & Moulds India, pulverizing system technically designed to produce quality powder, space saving design, re-sharpenable segments, low energy consumption, high capacities, automatic operation, grinding adjustment and self contained unit.

Applications of above stated Pulverizing System:

Pulverizing rigid PVC pellets, pipe and profile regrind. The powder quality produced with this system is excellent for high production.

Pulverizing Process for Rigid PVC:

The material in pellet or granular form is fed with a vibratory feeder from a feeder hopper to the pulverizer. The material is pulverized through segments mounted on carrier discs then air conveyed to a screening machine. The common material is cast-off to the pulverizer for further size reduction. The desired powder is diverted to fill bags or containers.

Rigid PVC Pipes:

N. A. Roto Machines & Moulds India manufacture superior quality rigid PVC Pipes. We provide a solid and specialized technical expertise in the field of Rigid PVC Pipes to industrial as well as domestic sector. N. A. Roto Machines & Moulds India. We are actively engaged into Pulverizing Rigid PVC and other plastic materials like Plain PVC Pipes, casing pipes.

N. A. Group of Companies has maintained the rapid pace of exporting rigid PVC Pipes products worldwide.

Furthermore, Essential Application of Rigid PVC Pipes:

  • Agriculture and irrigation sector
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation
  • Deep bore wells for water supply
  • Underground pipeline for drinking water supply
  • Industrial wastage and chemical effluent disposal system
  • Plumbing and drainage in domestic use

RPVC pipe and fittings are clear enough to spot blockages and modified to provide the highest impact resistance. As secondary containment for dual containment systems, the pipe combines visibility and durability with ease of fabrication at a reasonable cost.