N. A. Roto Machines & Moulds India, is a market leader in manufacturing different types of polyethylene as an application from Pulverizing processing. Following applications have extensive industry benefits.

LLDPE - Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Linear Low Density Polyethylene - Has higher tensile strength than LDPE. Exhibits higher impact and puncture resistance than LDPE. Lower thickness or gauge films can be blown compared to LDPE, with better environmental stress cracking resistance compared to LDPE. Packaging particularly film for bags and sheets, lower thickness may be used compared to LDPE, cable covering, toys, lids, buckets and containers, pipe.

In addition, injection and rot molding products having distinguished endurance property due to the outstanding environmental stress crack resistance are used for all kinds of household articles, chemical tanks and lid of food containers.

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene

High Density Polyethylene - The high density polyethylene is high-impact and high rigidity product and has distinguished chemical resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and high electrical property, so it is extensively used for films, blow molding, injection, pipes, monofilaments, insulated cables, etc.

In addition, very high molecular weight polyethylene is used for a vehicle fuel tank requiring chemical resistance, high environmental stress crack resistance and impact resistance. Applications for high density polyethylene or HDPE include: film, yarn and monofilament, blow molding, pipe, injection molding.

MDPE – Medium Density Polyethylene

Medium Density Polyethylene - Medium Density Polyethylene polymer type of MDPE is thermoplastic. The advantages of medium density polyethylene good shock and drop resistance, less notch sensitive than HDPE, stress cracking resistance is better than HDPE. But it has lower hardness and rigidity than HDPE. Medium density polyethylene applications are gas pipes and fittings, sacks, shrink film, packaging film, carrier bags and screw closures.


These plastic containers in the rotomoulded procedure are made of the powdered, dyed PE raw material. Routed and fabricated foams molded polyethylene internals, timber substrates, division sets and lift-out trays shock mounted sub frames.

With simultaneous warming up and centrifuges of the material by centrifugal force an extreme density at the walls is obtained - particularly in the corners. This lends the extraordinary firmness, which can be otherwise obtained by no other procedure to the container. It does not surprise therefore that these container types are used particularly in the military range.