We 'NAROTO' N. A. Group Of Companies are one of the leading manufacturerof plastic rotomoulding machineries, Pulverisers, Extruders, Scrap grinders, High speed mixers, Hopper loaders, M.S/S.S Moulds for Rotomoulding Plants and Auxillry machines for thermoplastic processing industries. We would like to introduce our next generation PULVERISER Machines for MASTER BATCHES manufacturing units.

N. A. Group Of Companies installed quit a number of plastic rotomoulding plants in India and overseas.

Now we have specially developed next generation PULVERISER machines most suitable for processing of P.V.C. pipes, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, EVA, PS, Silicon Rubber, PET and Master Batch manufacturers.

Once the Master Batch manufacturers were using conventional type drum mixer / high speed mixers for colour pigments / additives mixing with virgin granules for subsequent processing in extruders or compounding machines, which results uneven blending of colour pigments and additives on final products.

Moreover the processing of granules blended materials leads uneconomical production in high speed extruders and twin screw extruders which are developed for higher production.

To achieve the optimum production and consistent quality in the finished products, the 'NAROTO' pulverisers play an important role in solving the problem. Instead of blending the colour pigments / additives with granules the granules were pulverized in 'NAROTO' PULVERISER machines to produce the resin powders. The polymer resin powders were blended with the required colour pigments / additives in conventional mixers and processed in the compounding machines / extruders to get superior quality of colour blending and additives distribution in the final products.

The master batch may also be pulverised to required powder size [mesh] to special application for blending to achieve the required shades in typical moulding machines requirements.

Accordingly the next generation pulveriser will bring new era of destination in Rotomoulding/ Masterbatch Mfg. Industries and will ensure superior quality standards.

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